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As technology moves swiftly on and the needs for a companies infrastructure becomes more demanding a company needs to be able to regularly up-date their equipment with as little fuss as possible, there is a need to have built in flexibility to enable changes to be made.

As most items of equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, etc. need cables of different types for power or for the transfer of information, a method must be adopted to not only keep all these cables neat and tidy and out of harms way, but also to segregate the cables of varied use in accordance with British Standards.

In previous times people used to run cables on the surface or buried below ground, or within a buildings structure. This method in most cases does not offer adequate protection and cannot offer any level of flexibility should cables need to be replaced, added or simply removed.

Wykes Group Ltd are highly experienced and educated in the different ways that are available to help maintain regulations and create flexibility and offer the most useful and widespread means of distributing the different types of cabling systems as adapted in offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and general commercial environments.


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Electrician in Carlisle, Cumbria

Wykes-Group Ltd can install various cable management systems throughout Carlisle, Cumbria & South West Scotland.

We install cable management systems including numerous types of steel cable tray and cable basket systems, all types of steel and PVC segregated trunking systems, skirting and dado type trunking systems. Whilst we accept that some of these types of cable management have been around for some time, Wykes-Group Ltd has been installing these systems for equally a long time and has the experience to design, install, alter and maintain all the different types of cable management systems that are available in today’s busy market.